Makeup can do a lot to stir the appearance and health of your skin. After all, we all like a flick of eyeliner and a touch of foundation. But what you think helps you look selfie-ready can have several harmful effects on your skin. Let’s break down the harmful effects of makeup on your skin and what you can do to keep your skin healthy.

The Universally Hated: Acne

This is one of the most commonly experienced effects of makeup on the skin. Think of all those times that you’ve felt suffocated with a blocked nose. Now, think about your skin that is pampered with layers and layers of makeup every morning.

Makeup products, and especially those that come in liquid forms are masters at clogging your pores. This leads to the formation of blackheads, which might eventually break out in the form of facial acne.

Premature Ageing

The thing is, while a large proportion of the world happily uses makeup, very few know how to use it appropriately. How many times have you pulled on the corner of your eye to get that perfect mascara wing? Do you remember all those times that you rubbed your face with foundation too hard and quick? Not being gentle with your skin can gradually lead to the development of lines and wrinkles. Additionally, certain chemicals in these products further exacerbate the problem.

Skin Allergies

Is there really anything worse than not being able to stop itching your skin? Itchiness, redness, and skin allergies are your skin’s way of telling you that it’s irritated. Makeup products, and especially those that contain water, come with preservatives. Chemicals like parabens are added to prevent bacteria from growing in it.

In terms of its effects on the body, parabens are popular for all the wrong reasons. They are widely known to cause allergic reactions and are also hormonal balance disruptors. Beasts, no?

Skin Discoloration

Cosmetic products that are unregulated and use low-quality ingredients, can lead to skin discolouration. Most of these products contain a mix of thousands of chemicals, any of which could be reacting with your skin. Patches, uneven skin, and freckles are part and parcel of using products heavy with chemicals.

In a nutshell, we rely on makeup to cover up what we call ‘flaws,’ only to let it exaggerate our skin anomalies. Ironic, right? Most effects of makeup on the skin are experienced when we’re not well-informed. If you’re someone that wears makeup regularly and are looking out for some answers, read on.

Fighting the Side Effects of Makeup

1. Scan Through the Ingredients

The next time you’re at the store buying cosmetics, here’s what you do. Along with checking for prices and discounts, watch out for harmful skincare ingredients. Look for products that are free from fragrance, oil, and parabens. Alternatively, ask for products that are:

  • Nonacnegenic – products that won’t cause acne
  • Noncomedogenic – they won’t block pores
  • Hypoallergenic – less likely to cause reactions

Clean Your Brushes

Imagine wearing the same pair of clothes over and over again. No laundry. No washing. Disgusting right? So, think about those makeup brushes you’ve been using for months now. Bacteria that collects in the strands of these brushes not only harm your skin but also disrupts the quality of your makeup application.

So, keep your brushes clean by soaking them in warm water and soap once in a week. This is one of the most basic ways to fight the effects of makeup on the skin.

3.Protect Your Skin

You have the most important meeting of your life scheduled today, and you forget to carry your foundation. Now what? It’s simple – you borrow your colleague’s.

This is a big no-no. Not everyone has the same skin type, and not everyone uses the same cosmetic products. Obviously, you forgetting your makeup is a one-time thing, but do not make borrowing a habit. Additionally, ensure that you buy makeup that is well-suited to your skin type.

Face Cleansing

This is most certainly stressed upon all the time, and we still won’t do it. I mean, are you really going to get out of bed when you’re all comfy and cosied up in your blanket?

Yes. You must. While you’re asleep, your skin is busy renewing itself. This won’t be possible if it’s all covered up with makeup. Additionally, makeup residue can cause imperfections when left unclean for long hours. So, make it a point to wash your face or wipe your face clean before going to bed.

If you’re on the lookout to transform your skin, it’s worth identifying your skin needs so that you can perfectly match your concerns to your skincare routine. All you need to do is take a skin assessment and leave the rest to us. 😉


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