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Beauty sleep is real!

by Avisha M |

Yes, beauty sleep is indeed real.

While we are sleeping peacefully, our growth hormones are focusing on repairing our damaged skin cells, just like the staff that restores the shopping complex at night, before the shop opens again the next day. If we don’t sleep well, our staff team of hormones does not get enough time to fix the damaged cells, hence making the damaged and dead cells accumulate on our skin, in turn making our skin look lackluster.

Lack of sleep messes up the moisture & collagen level of the skin - making it dehydrated, red and prone to breakouts and ageing signs. In addition to that, sleeping less also affects the eyes, lowering the pH level of complexion and bringing in dark circles under eyes.



  • Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Try to be consistent with the time when you go to sleep
  • Limit alcohol and cigarettes before bed
  • Sleep in a dark room and don’t drink a lot of water before going to bed
  • Wash your face every night and follow your skincare regimen

P.S.: Please note that getting too much of sleep also increases break down of skin cells.


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