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Beauty Sleep Is Real and It's Time to Benefit From It

by Editorial Team |

Beauty sleep is real. Just imagining maintaining clear skin by simply sleeping well! A good night’s sleep can help you look fresh as a daisy, even when you’ve been working hard and playing hard. Furthermore, some basic hacks and tips can help you maximise your beauty sleep, so you never have to wear a dull face again. 

What is Beauty Sleep and Why Do I Need It?

“You look tired.”

Nobody likes hearing that, and it might make you want to respond back in anger. However, maybe you do look tired. We’re living in a time where we’re never not running around. Tiredness, fatigue, and lack of rest are not uncommon.

Thing is, we really underestimate the value of sleeping for our skin.

Just like the staff that restores the shopping complex at night, our growth hormones focus on repairing damaged skin cells while we’re sleeping at night. If we don’t sleep well, our staff team of hormones does not get enough time to fix the damaged cells, leading to:

  • Accumulation of damaged and dead cells on the skin, thus leading to dullness
  • Messed up moisture and collagen levels
  • Dehydration, redness, and frequent breakouts
  • Ageing skin problems
  • Dark circles under the eyes due to lowered pH levels of complexion

Beauty Sleep is RealTold y’all, beauty sleep is real.


How Many Hours Make for Appropriate Beauty Sleep?

Of course, there’s no magic number when it comes to this, because we all have different bodies, and radically different lives. However, experts recommend about 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. What needs to be kept in mind, however, is that it’s not all about quantity.

Beauty sleep is real only when it’s of good quality. For it to be restorative, there needs to be consistency in your sleep patterns.

Pressing the snooze button on weekends is certainly tempting, but try doing away with that. Waking up around the same time every day, will help your body excel, and your skin shine.

Ugh, we know. Healthy living isn’t easy.


Here’s How You Can Maximise Your Beauty Sleep

Sometimes, sleeping well is easier said than done. It may be possible that your mind gets flooded with a gush of thoughts just when you decide to go to bed. Or maybe, you struggle to achieve seamless sleep.

So, what is it that can you do to help yourself sleep better, feel better and look better?


1) Optimise Your Bedroom Environment

Try to optimise your bedroom environment before you go to sleep – shut the windows to minimise any external noise, regulate the temperature, and draw the curtains to eliminate light. It has been proven that darkness boosts the production of melatonin – a hormone that makes you sleepy.


2) Take a Warm Shower

We’ve all been trained to take baths in the morning. However, if you’re struggling to fall asleep or want to maximise your beauty sleep, a warm shower before bed might be your way to go.

Here's how it works: Once you step out of the shower, your body starts cooling down – an essential sign for your body that it’s time to sleep.


3) Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

It’s simple – if you’re stressed out, you’re going to find it difficult to fall asleep. Yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques are masters at calming the body down.

Whether you’re stressed about a new job or a moving into a new house, these techniques will prove to be a blessing for you.


4) Put Away Your Cell Phone

At the risk of sounding preachy, we want to talk about the distractions that come with sleeping with your cell phone. A buzz or a beep makes us want to reach for our phones, and that’s all that it takes to break our sleep.

Master the practice of putting your phone away when sleep time is approaching. It will gradually come to you, we promise.


5) Choose the Right Beverages

Beverages like coffee, sodas, and energy drinks are used to stimulate alertness by a large number of people. Unfortunately, caffeine doesn’t help much when it comes to sleeping well. Instead, sip on soothing beverages like chamomile tea.

Chamomile Tea for Beauty Sleep

In addition, the following skincare tips will help you maximise your beauty sleep:

6) Get That Makeup Off

No matter how desperate you are to get all cosy in bed, sleeping with your makeup on is just the biggest no-no. Beauty sleep is real but not if your pores are clogged and your skin can’t breathe. So, get rid of every bit of dirt, grime, and makeup before you call it a day.

For convenience sake, keep some quality face wipes by the bed. (P.S: This is only for the days that you’re absolutely worn out for a deep cleanse.)


7) Your PM Skincare Regimen

Prepping your skin with a basic night time skincare routine will help bucket loads! You’ll certainly feel the difference when you wake up will healthier-looking skin.


8) Hydrate Sufficiently

No no no, we do not mean downing bottles of water before you head to sleep. We exactly know how much those night-time trips to the toilet suck! Instead, consume foods that are rich in water content. Sufficient hydration is key to efficient repair and renewal of the skin.


Beauty sleep is real, and we must all reap its benefits. After all, it’s free, natural, as well as pleasurable. That’s a rather rare combination to exist when we’re talking skincare.

. . .

If you’re still struggling to get enough beauty sleep, stop with the worrying and let us take the load off your shoulders. Tell us about your sleep patterns along with other lifestyle factors, and we’ll customise just the right skincare for you.



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