It’s no secret that your body goes through lots of physical changes during and post-pregnancy––your skin included. Thanks to a surge in hormone levels, you’ll likely notice oilier skin when you’re expecting (it’s technically what gives you that pregnancy ‘glow’!). And, in your second trimester, increased blood flow (since you’re now pumping enough blood for two!) will add to that dewy glow.

On the downside, you might see an increase in pigmentation, also known as melasma or chloasma. This is because your body is producing extra melanin (another name for pigment) to help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. These darkened patches or areas will almost always lighten following the delivery of your baby, but it could take months––and sometimes much longer than that.

So, to tackle inevitable skin changes during and after your pregnancy, it’s important to adapt your skincare routine. Below, we’ve put together some quick and easy wins to help you navigate these changes, keeping your skin healthy and your baby safe!

1. Go For Clean Beauty

Unfortunately, a lot of skincare and beauty products on the market contain toxic ingredients that can put you and worst still, your baby at risk, especially if you are using them while pregnant or nursing.

This is why it’s important to opt for clean beauty products. If a product is ‘clean’ it means it has been formulated without toxic ingredients and has been tested for safety and efficacy; they can either be made from natural ingredients or synthetic ones. Synthetic ingredients mean they have been molecularly replicated in a lab to deliver the same, if not better, results––this also makes it vegan! (Note, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘clean’.)

At Yours, our Clean Beauty++ philosophy means we go two steps (++) beyond this. We blacklist over 1,400 toxic ingredients and ethically source clean ingredients through transparent supply chains. We also ensure our safety and efficacy tests are in compliance with Europe’s cosmetic regulations (one of the most stringent in the world), using only top quality ingredients from the Swiss Alps and South Korea.

2. Avoid Toxic Ingredients in Skincare/Makeup

Even if you are switching to clean beauty, it’s important to be aware of the most common toxic skincare ingredients and to avoid them at all costs. Look out for these ones especially: Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates, which have been linked to cancer and hormonal imbalance.

We also recommend staying away from makeup during your pregnancy as much as possible. Even those that claim to be ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ often contain preservatives which help increase shelf life and prevent fungus growth.

3. Develop Good Lifestyle Habits and Stick to Them!

When it comes to the health of your skin, developing good lifestyle habits and sticking to them is important. Here are some quick and easy tips to follow:

  1. Beauty sleep is real. Your wind-down routine before bed is just as important as heading to bed at the same time each night. Stay off your digital device at least 30 minutes before sleeping (recommended by The National Sleep Foundation), as digital screens emit artificial blue light. This disrupts your melatonin production –– the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm) which affects your quality of sleep.
  2. Water is the cheapest anti-ageing ingredient! Consume at least 8 glasses a day to promote fewer wrinkles, a clearer complexion, smaller pores, tighter skin, reduced puffiness, and less acne, to name a few. Pro tip: place a 1L jug or bottle of water in front of you every day to remind you to hydrate regularly.
  3. Never skip your nighttime skincare routine. While sleeping, your skin naturally repairs and renews itself; your skincare will help boost this process for healthier skin. During these hours, your skin is also more receptive to your products!

We get it––as a busy mum or mum-to-be, the last thing you’ll want to stress out about is your skincare. We’re here to help! Take our quick skin assessment to build your personalised pregnancy-safe routine, and we’ll take into account your lifestyle changes including sleep and stress, to make sure you only get skincare that works for your needs.

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