For Angie, a full time yoga instructor based in Singapore, healthy skin is key to boosting her confidence on the job. “As a yoga teacher, I definitely feel the pressures of having glowing, good skin,” she reveals.

Yet the constant sweat and extreme heat that comes with the territory often has a huge impact on her skin. A simple, lightweight skincare routine is therefore essential: “I can be really particular about how moisturisers feel and sit on my skin,” she says, adding, “because of my lifestyle, I need something that absorbs really easily.”

“As a yoga teacher, I definitely feel the pressures of having glowing, good skin.” 

After trying Yours, her personalised day cream quickly became a firm favourite, thanks to its weightless texture and near instant absorption. We caught up with the yogi to find out how else her personalised products are making a difference for her skin:


Why personalise your skincare?

A personalised skincare routine is not just a recipe for healthy skin, it’s the best way to give your skin the attention it truly deserves and practice self-care. In the words of Angie, “it’s kind of a way to just be quiet with myself and take extra care of myself.”

Personalisation means no more trial-and-error, just skincare designed for your specific skin needs, lifestyle, and environment. So, consider delegating to us––just start with our (free) skin assessment below, and we’ll do the rest!

Pssst… did we mention Yours is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and clean beauty, made with only ethically sourced ingredients from the Swiss Alps? 

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