If you suffer from dryness, waking up with skin that feels like the Sahara desert must be all too familiar. Thankfully you don’t have to deal with oiliness or shine throughout the day, but you’ll likely battle tightness, flakiness, redness and itchiness, as well as rough or uneven texture. You may also be prone to common skin conditions such as eczema. We know––the struggle is real!

Dry skin can be attributed to a number of things, including the skincare products you use, certain lifestyle habits, genetics, or it could also be a sign that your skin is dehydrated. But fundamentally, it means your skin lacks moisture and hydration.

“Dryness means your skin lacks moisture and hydration”

Simple Lifestyle Hacks to Tackle Dry Skin

There are a number of ways to reduce dryness by simply adapting your lifestyle habits. For starters, make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to hydrate from inside out. Next, only take lukewarm baths or showers––hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils.

Air conditioners and heaters can also dry out your skin. So, consider investing in a small humidifier if you spend long hours in these kind of environments. Finally, superfoods can go long way in curbing dryness including fatty fish, almonds, and avocados!

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5 Easy Skincare Steps To Tackle Dry Skin

However, changing your lifestyle habits alone won’t do the trick. The key to healthy, dewy skin is adding hydration and moisture back into your skin with a disciplined skincare routine as well. Here are 5 simple steps you can implement immediately:

Step 1: A hydrating cleanser

Start and end your day with a gentle, hydrating cleanser, to get rid of any impurities and toxins. Look for ingredients such as niacinamide, Vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, as these will work wonders to cleanse as well as moisturise, and they won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Step 2: An alcohol-free toner 

There are many different types of toners and some can be too drying for the skin if they contain bad alcohols. Look for ones that contain hyaluronic acid and glycerine instead. Both of these are humectant––ingredients that draw moisture from the environment and retain it so your skin stays nice and hydrated.

Step 3: A nourishing face serum

This is a crucial step if you have dry skin. Serums are highly concentrated with active ingredients that will targeting your dryness directly. Since they have a thin consistency, they tend to seep into the deeper layers of your skin and hydrate from inside out. Look for a serum with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, or vitamin C as these are great hydration boosters.

Step 4: An ultra moisturising eye serum

The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and always requires some extra TLC. You’ll be especially prone to crow’s feet, puffiness, wrinkling, and dark circles as dryness makes them more prominent. A nourishing eye serum is super important to keep ample moisture around your eye area and keep early signs of ageing at bay.


Step 5: Lock in hydration with a rich moisturiser

Finally, lock in all the benefits of your other products with a rich moisturiser. This will create a strong protective barrier over your skin and leave it feeling soft and supple. Opt for a thicker, richer moisturiser – especially at night – with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides.


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