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Hello, Sunshine ☀️
Hello, Sunshine ☀️
Hello, Sunshine ☀️
Hello, Sunshine ☀️
Hello, Sunshine ☀️

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Hello, Sunshine ☀️


🎁 Who to give this to?

That person who’s up when the sun’s up.

The one who already did their workout, cooked breakfast, meditated, wrote on their journal, and filed their taxes before everyone else woke up.

👉 What's in it?

Drop of Softness Serum (15mL): A soothing serum that calm skin sensitivity and strengthens the natural skin barrier. Holy grail for sensitive skin!

- Restores skin's normal sensitivity threshold
- Provides long lasting, deep and intense hydration
- Promotes growth of healthy skin cells & repairs damage
- Reduces skin redness and improves firmness

Dew Date Day Moisturiser (30mL): A creamy moisturiser that melts into your skin to deeply moisturise and nourish, for balanced hydration all day long.

- Plumps skin helping it feel soft and hydrated
- Helps retain moisture for long-lasting hydration
- Restores natural skin barrier
- Brightens dull skin

Sunny Side Up Sunscreen Mist (40mL): A water-based broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen mist that feels lightweight and invisible on skin. No white cast, no shine, no breakouts.

- Protects your skin from UV rays & blue light from digital screens
- Repairs skin damage caused by smoke, pollution and UV radiation

✨  Set works for all skin types; suitable for sensitive skin.

🍃  100% clean, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly.  

Hello, Sunshine ☀️

Hello, Sunshine ☀️