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We start
with You.

We start with                                            You.

We start with                             You.

Created for women who won't settle

We believe in never settling, not for anything less than is deservedβ€” which is only the very best for you. No more guesswork. No more experimenting with our skin. No more trial-and-error.

We're reimagining skincare.

Skincare, reimagined

Your skin's health and needs are an interplay of your lifestyle and environment. So why should skincare treat only skin type and concerns?

We start with you. And then we give your skin a dose of the right, active ingredients.

Goodbye, trial-and-error.
Hello, personalised skincare.

Clean Beauty ++

Clean, safe and effective products that are good for your skin, and the environment. Always.

All ingredients that go into our formulations are:
βœ“ non-toxic
βœ“ rigorously tested for safety and efficacy
βœ“ environmentally sustainable
βœ“ ethically-sourced

We only work with partners that care about their supply chain as much as we do.

Why Switzerland?

Think: nature, purity, precision, innovation, and science.

Originating from the Swiss Alps are clean, active ingredients that work wonders for your skin. Plus, a key component in skincare products is water, and Swiss water is mineral-rich.

With one of the strictest cosmetic regulations in the worldβ€” Swiss products are rigorously tested, and bans animal-testing.

We're Yours

We promise to be the BFF for your skin- because BFFs invest in understanding you, fighting your issues with you, and are always a ping away ! πŸ‘―β€β™€