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Skincare that goes beyond just skin type

Love from users


Dalia M.

Combination skin
Low temperature
High Stress
Pigmentation & Acne

I have been using their full set for about 3 months now and it's safe to say that I AM HOOKED!!
The best part is that the products kept changing as my skin was changing. When I started, I had acne and pigmentation and it was summers. As my skin texture improved and the weather changed, the texture of my cream changed too :O It also reduced my breakouts which I didn't think it could do (very surprising for me). Saved me a lot of time and money too!

PS- I loveeeee the smell of the night cream, I don't know if it was designed to do so but it helps me fall asleep lol

Sophia V.

Oily skin
Humid environment
Moderate Stress
Acne & Blackheads

Tried this pack after reading great reviews but the set CHANGED MY LIFE. I was never confident in my own skin. I'd wake up and look at the new acne breakout in the mirror and just KEEP feeling super under confident about myself throughout the day. I just landed on their website as a stroke of luck and thats the best thing that has happened to me this year.

Not only has my face cleared up, it has made me so glowy and radiant and all the compliments I receive now have made me all the more confident in life.

Thank you!!


Normal skin
Heat & Humidity
Balanced Diet
Dark Circles

Would recommend it to people who usually feel like their skin is dull tired and grumpy after a stressful day at work (Like how I usually feel). I started with Face Serum and the Day Cream combo but switched to the whole regimen from Yours, just because it simplified skincare for me so much and I started feeling the difference within 2 weeks of usage. Saved me a lot of time and money! Bonus points for the cute packaging!


Combination skin
AC Exposure
High Stress
Acne & Dull Skin

I rarely give reviews, but this one is so worth the effort because I feel this brand is doing something different and amazing! When I had the worst breakout of my life, I gave it a shot and I saw results the first time. The red spots on my face which were super bumpy before, became less bumpy after using my first set of Yours.
My moisturizer was cream-based when I was living in KL. I was surprised in the second round, my moisturizer is no longer a cream, it was water-based! I was like wow. Hopefully its better for Singapore humidity/ climate. But yeah I didn't have to think about trying and testing new products, because I know I can work with the Yours team to find a suitable formula for me.

Tania W.

Dry skin
Frequent Flyer
Less Sleep
Uneven Skin tone

Their personalised set works wonders! I have dry skin with uneven skin tones. My skin was light around the cheeks but dark around sides and the eyes. For the first time, I can say something has shown visible results for my pigmentation. My skin has lightened from the sides and under eye spots have also disappeared considerably!
I have used this set for 4 weeks but I'm already ordering my new one! Would totally recommend it to  my friends!

Love from Media

"The difference this time is that this technology carries with it evidence-backed science behind the diagnosis."

"Consumers demand ethically made products, which Yours commits to by avoiding animal testing and using environment friendly packaging."

"A fully customisable approach to ensuring that your skin gets exactly what it needs and nothing more"

"Clean skincare that’s not only personalised but also toxin and cruelty-free. All formulas contain star ingredients from Switzerland"