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Anti-ageing skincare 

Is the arsenal of anti-ageing products that you have on your dressing table not working as well as you thought it would? Why? 

Think about it.

Would a fever medication work for muscle pain? No, right?
When you are not sure about the cause of your signs of ageing, how can generic products from mass producers work on it?

While it is widely known that growing old results in thinning of the outermost layer of the skin and connective tissues- resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity, the lesser known fact is that most of the signs of ageing are actually the result of lifestyle decisions that we make throughout our younger years. For example:

- Lack of water consumption accelerates the process of skin ageing as dehydrated skin is more likely to appear dull, dry and flaky.

- Stress and stress-associated hormones age not only our skin, but our entire body.

- Sun exposure changes the texture and weakens the elasticity of the skin. Pigmentation disorders and wrinkles are most strongly linked to UV exposure 

- The facial motion while smoking results in wrinkles and significantly reduces the blood circulation.

- Consumption of alcohol, sugar and white carbohydrates weaken the collagen in the skin.

Ageing is must, looking your age is not.

While some signs of ageing are inevitable, most of the damage can be minimised and reversed with the right kind of ingredients in our regimen. Anti-ageing products available in the market do not work effectively because they are mass-produced and hence cannot keep our unique lifestyle choices in mind. 

Now you must be thinking, "All the information is nice, but how do I get a product which keeps my unique lifestyle choices in mind?"

Don’t worry. Sit back, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our experts will help you fight the ageing signs by giving your skin proper nutrition for cell regeneration. We will formulate your personalised skincare regimen keeping in mind your age, sleeping hours, stress levels, smoke intake & water intake!


How it works?


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