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Why Acne? And how to beat it!

by Avisha M |

a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face
Synonyms: zit, pimple, woman’s worst nightmare

Scientifically- acne is simply oil, bacteria and dead skin cells plugged inside hair follicles, that usually appear on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, and shoulders, and once they do, they can last up to an excruciating decade!
After buying countless anti-acne creams, and making my face a guinea pig for these commercial companies, I realized that if I ever want a clear face, I need to start digging deeper.

While tons and tons of “Beat-the-Acne”, “Acne-free” and “Anti-Acne” products are spread on every shelf of a supermarket, no one is trying to understand the underlying problem i.e. what’s the root cause of acne?
The myth says acne is the result of age and hormonal change, but 5 months worth of trips to different skin experts made me realize that it is NOT true.

Causes of acne can be different, depending upon the age of the sufferer. While teen acne is mostly due to hormones, adult acne is usually the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices made in past years, such as drinking less than 10 glasses of water, smoking cigarettes, stressing a lot, etc.

Every skin is unique, every cause behind acne is too. Needless to say, if the cause of acne is different, the cure has to be too.
It can sound very intimidating, but you don’t have to worry about it.
Tell our skin experts about your skin type, skin goals and lifestyle choices, and they will make your custom-made skincare regimen after keeping your stress level as well as water, sleep, smoke intake in mind! What a time to be alive...



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