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Skincare and Beauty Bloggers - 2019

by Team Yours AM |

Searching for skincare advice and beauty tips online? Spending hours and hours looking for honest reviews? We’ve all been there.

We’re proud to say that your quest to search for honest and effective beauty advice ends here. Below is the list of ladies who are quickly rising up the ladder of fame with their genuineness, their understanding of skin and authenticity of their expressions!

Our pick of the most refreshing micro-influencers a.k.a. beauty wizards of 2019  are:




A lover of beauty & skincare, but unaware of the whole beauty community out there, Val aka Vanity Guru bumped into the Skincare Community on Instagram when she was trying to look for reviews on some serums she was indecisive about. Then and there she decided to open her own page and started writing reviews about her all-time favorite products as well as not so great experiences with her least favorite ones. Ever since, she has kept her reviews real.

“I love to share all my beauty secrets and tips and am very grateful this platform has allowed me to do so! I hope to keep inspiring, supporting and transmitting knowledge to everyone that joins. “

-Vanity Guru


A beauty influencer that has followership of thousands, but never revealed her face. Interesting, isn’t it?

“Starting this platform was definitely one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. I started Beautybeforebeau on Instagram in April 2017 because no one I know in real life loves makeup as much as I do and so I wanted to share my love with the world!”

Today, her insta-blog is more than just makeup pictures/short reviews; it's a platform where people around the world connect with each other based on a common passion and spread immense positivity. To top it all up, her anonymity has made us all the more curious about her!


Look at that dewy skin!

Anita, mom of two adorable kids, happens to be extremely passionate about skincare and beauty. To her, being an influencer is fun because is involves sharing her passion with like-minded people out there. If you are looking for product variety or absolutely honest skincare product reviews, she is your go-to influencer.

“Skincare is therapeutic to me, giving my skin the TLC it needs and seeing it thanking me back with results, it’s very satisfying and rewarding. It’s my form of self-care, something that sparks joy in the middle of my hectic everyday life.”


About a year ago, Wendy met people from the beauty community, who had the same love for makeup & skincare as her. It all began from there. Today, if you need hands-on information about makeup and what works best for different skin tones, Wendy’s profile is what you’re looking for. She is opened minded to try new products and simply loves to share her thoughts and experiences with the world!

“My profile features products, that not only do I love, but can honestly share with the world. I adore makeup and skin care products because taking care of myself is my passion. I feature photos and explain to others how they can benefit from specific products.”




Beverly is an influencer,  a content creator, an insta- blogger as well as a personal beauty blogger! Being an ardent beauty fan, she loves testing and reviewing beauty and skincare products! She works hard everyday to bring the best and honest reviews to her followers and takes immense pride in her work.

“I will be turning 47 this year so my focus has become more about skin care since our face is a canvas, if our skin looks great then our makeup will be beautiful.”





Attire Studios is a collection of latest trends & brands and notes about the life and style of Athena Ng. After realizing the need to archive everything from her personal love of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, she decided to give blogging a proper shot in 2016. Today, she is a social media professional who has built her loyal following on Instagram.

"Skincare has been essential to me since I was able to save my skin and clear up my acne and acne scars. I think skincare plays an important part in feeling confident about oneself For my routine I use Gentle Foaming Cleanser, then I use toner and moisturizer, and I exfoliate once a week. Also, I use sunscreen religiously!"



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