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The Order of Makeup Application that you Should Follow

by Editorial Team |

Getting the order of makeup application right is not a cakewalk. When it isn’t done right, you’ll end up with unsatisfactory results and unhealthy skin.

The thing is, there really is no black or white when it comes to makeup application. We all seem to have developed our own ways, styles, and preferences.

However, skincare experts have always reiterated the importance of following the correct order of makeup application.

In this piece, we’re going to touch upon the same. By the end of this blog, you will be much more confident about what goes first, and what goes last.

But before that, how about sparing 3 minutes and taking a free skin assessment? It will help you understand your skin and its needs better. After all, an efficient skincare routine will also help your makeup last longer! 😉



Prepping Your Skin for Makeup Application

Your brain might tell you otherwise, but remember that prepping your skin for makeup application is crucial. It essentially involves 2 steps:


Think of your face as a canvas you need to paint. Isn’t starting with a clean canvas important?

So, using cotton pads and some water, get rid of all the dirt, sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells.

If you're unsure about how to wash your face properly, do some reading up before getting started.


Prime OR Moisturise

No matter what sort of look you expect to achieve from your makeup, this step cannot be eliminated. While there are still debates over whether both (a primer and a moisturiser) must be used, we’d suggest sticking to either of the two.

This step readies your skin for smooth makeup application, minimises pores, prevents dehydration, and betters makeup longevity. Many skip this step for it doesn’t produce visible results, but do not make that mistake.

That’s it. Your canvas is now all set to be painted. But how? You may have the right paints and the right brushes, but does that guarantee you’re doing it all right? Let’s find out.


The Correct Order of Applying Face Makeup


The key role of foundations is to create a uniform and even skin, and sometimes act as a base layer for following makeup products. Unfortunately, many misuse foundations by applying too much of it – with the hope of it concealing their blemishes.

However, remember that less is more in the case of foundations. As a rule of thumb, focus on those areas that you wish to even out and leave out the rest.

Considerations: Look out for a foundation that matches the tone and colour of your skin. Furthermore, one with SPF (sun protection) would be great – that way, you’d be killing two birds with one stone.



The universal dilemma of “does foundation go first or concealer?” never gets old. However, using concealer on top of foundation ensures you do not overdo the concealing. It also helps in producing a natural look.

Considerations: Apply a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin colour, to brighten out patches that need work. Blemishes and the under-eye area are the most common receptors of the product. Make sure you blend it out with your skin really well.



Blush helps to bring out your skin, giving it a supple and natural glow. This is essentially the first colourful element you’ll be adding to your skin, as against the more neutral foundation and concealer.

Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, just below your cheeks, and on the length of your cheekbones.

Considerations: Choosing the right shade when it comes to blush can be tricky. While this is something that’s going to require a fair amount of trial and error, a piece of general advice would be sticking to a pink shade for daytime, and bronze for the night.



Just as the name suggests, this makeup solution highlights those parts of your skin that attract and reflect natural light. Celebrities often make use of a highlighter to look youthful, and to flaunt radiant-looking skin.

However, keep in mind that applying it all over your face will sort of defeat the purpose of a highlighter. Common spots of application are the cheekbones, the browbones, and areas below the nose.

Considerations: Resist the temptation of using your fingers to apply highlighter. A quality makeup brush will allow for a more controlled application, thus nailing the last step of your makeup routine.

That was all about the order of makeup application on the face. Now, let’s move on to the next part.


The Correct Order of Applying Eye Makeup


Well-shaped eyebrows can go a long way in defining your face and bringing out your eyes. Doing your eyebrows would include plucking out extra strands of hair. If you’re not confident, get them threaded by a professional.

Then, using an eyebrow pencil, fill in areas that are sparse with hair-like strokes.

If you have thick eyebrows, tidy them up with a spoolie. Eventually, you can use clean brow gel or wax to have your eyebrows set to perfection for the course of the day.



This is where most people mess up. While applying eyeshadow, ensure that you do not extend it right up to your eyebrows. The trick is to apply a light-coloured shadow of your choice all across your eyelid. If you’re a fan of low-key makeup, you could stop right here.

Alternatively, take a darker shadow and dust it on to the crease of your eye. Ensure that you blend the shadows well for a natural look.



Aaahh, the favourite! We believe there’s not much to be pointed out when it comes to using eyeliner. There’s a number of styles you can experiment with: the famous winged eyeliner, the cat eyeliner look, or the simpler and OG natural style.

If you’re a newbie or someone who struggles with butterfingers, stick to using fine-tipped, quick-dry, and smudge-proof liner.



In case we’ve got you wondering - mascara comes into the picture later, because eyeliners are much easier to apply on bare lashes.

Now, if you want longer lashes, gradually rotate your brush while applying mascara. For thicker results, wiggle the brush until you’re satisfied.


Final Steps - Setting Sprays or Powders

Contrary to popular belief, setting sprays (or powders) do not just increase the longevity of your makeup. It helps lock everything in and keeps the powdery-makeup-look at bay.


But What Comes First? Face Makeup, Eye Makeup or Setting Sprays?

In this piece, what we have done is clearly highlight the accurate order of makeup application for the face and eyes. Now, are you confused about what goes first out of the two? Truth is, everyone would guide you differently on this.

As per us, what comes first wholly depends on the finish you’re looking out for. If a heavy, smokey-eye look with heaps of mascara and eyeshadow is what you fancy, you might want to do your eye makeup first. This way, you will have the chance to wipe off eye shadow fallen under your eyes, and erase other mistakes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a light day-to-day look, doing your face first would be preferable.


In Conclusion

No matter what path you decided to tread on, ALWAYS start with a primer. Missing out on this is just a big no-no. Also, you could consider keeping mascara last (after coating your face with setting spray/mist). This will prevent it from trickling down and spoiling your perfectly done face.

We hope that you’re much clearer about the order of makeup application now. 😊

Before we wrap off this post, we want to reiterate the importance of including your skincare regimen in your makeup application. If you’re confused about what works well for your skin, we can help.

All you need to do is spare 3 minutes and take a free skin assessment. Thereon, we’ll analyse your skin type, your lifestyle, and your environment to devise the perfect formula for your skin!



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