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Holiday season for skin- Tips and Essentials

by Avisha M |

Ah isn’t this the time that we’ve been looking forward to, for the entire year. The Holiday season! Family is happier, food is richer and vacation is fancier!

While everything else is picture perfect, one thing that we often tend to neglect is our skin. To help you from causing havoc over your skin care routine, here are some tips you can follow this holiday season:


1- Sleep-  When we are asleep, our brains produce growth hormones which focus on repairing our damaged skin cells. Lack of sleep messes up the repairing process as well as moisture & collagen level of the skin - leaving our skin dehydrated, red and prone to breakouts& ageing signs. Plus no one wants those dark circles!

Tip: 7-8 hours of sleep is a must! Rest that brain, body, and skin of yours!


2. Make- up: You are absolutely at peace, lying down on your bed after a great day with family and friends, and now you don’t want to leave that very comfortable temperature of the blanket to go wash your face. Right? We’ve all been there.

But focus! not removing makeup before going to bed has serious ill-effects on your skin. Makeup left overnight can clog your pores and leave your skin more prone to acne.

Tip: Always wash your face before getting into the bed, and for the days when you are feeling too tired, keep makeup remover wipes by your bedside table.


3. Alcohol-  Did someone say shots?!

Sure that feels sweet n’ nice at first,  but once it reaches your tummy, alcohol breaks down into acetaldehyde, which if accumulated, causes serious flushing. Acetaldehyde is also responsible for producing reactive free radicals and damaging DNA, which causes the breakdown of collagen, loss of elasticity and premature ageing signs on the skin.

Tip: You can always stick to Red wine. It is full of antioxidants, which makes it a better choice.


4. Usual skin care: Relaxing and lazing mood makes it all the more difficult to do the usual skincare routine in the holiday season. Exfoliating and toning feel like such an effort and you just want to chill, right?

Always remember- skin care is a commitment, you have to do it every day for it to pay biggest dividends throughout your life.

Tip: You can get the best of both worlds by going for masks treatments with your family and friends! Skincare - check, quality family time- check!


5. Water water water- We might have alarms and reminder in our homes for drinking enough water, but once we enter vacay mode, all that is quickly forgotten. Always remember, Water hydrates our skin and delivers nutrients to the skin cells. Vacay or no vacay, 8-10 glasses of water per day is a must.

Set your reminders again and never let a day go by without drinking at least 8 glasses of water.

We don’t want to be the fun police bringing it all up, but being skin enthusiasts ourselves, we really deeply care for your skin.

If you missed sleeping enough or hydrating your skin, don’t worry. Let our skin experts know all about your lifestyle choices, then sit back and relax! They will make your personalised skincare regimen after keeping your sleeping hours, stress, smoke intake, water intake, environment etc. in mind.

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