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8 Inexpensive Ways of Fixing Dull Skin

by Editorial Team |

Fixing dull skin is no less than a big feat!

The dream of flawless, glowing skin can be easily shattered amidst a hectic schedule and a whole lot of stress. Moisturizers, scrubs, facials – you've tried it all. Sadly, the dullness is here to stay.

What's great is that you don't need to be a "chosen one" to be able to flaunt unblemished skin. All you need is an appropriate skin care routine, a healthy diet, and a good lifestyle.

Before we have a look at the ways to fix dull skin, would you like to take our free skin assessment? After accounting for your lifestyle, and environment, it will spill out a list of clean and active ingredients that you need to keep dullness at bay!



Handpicked Tips for Fixing Dull Skin

Kill the Dead - Exfoliate

The word exfoliate is often used in magazines, guides, and blogs. In simple words, exfoliation is a process of eliminating dead skin cells that sit on the skin's outermost layer, forming a breeding ground for unwanted skin problems.

Scrubbing your skin will lead to revealing new, glowing skin underneath. Our advice to you would be to not spend a bomb on exfoliators.

Instead, look no further than in your kitchen – mix a tablespoon of sugar with some warm water. Then, apply the coarse mixture all over your skin, and rub in circular motions. Believe it or not, this is one of the most recommended solutions for fixing dull skin.


Eat Healthy, Folks!

While skincare is about knowing your skin and using the right products, it is also about eating the right foods.

Think avocados, tomatoes, salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and kidney beans. Include in your diet those foods, that are rich in fatty acids. By doing this, you'll be promoting the formation of new skin cells, and sooner than later, it will be time to say goodbye to dull skin. Hooray!

On the downside - booze. Keep the boozing at bay. If you drink too much, your skin will misbehave. The same goes for smoking. This is not just important for fixing dull skin, but to protect your skin in general.


Drink Up

Do whatever it takes – set reminders or keep a cute water bottle on your work desk. Drinking lots of water is rudimentary to attaining your skincare goals. This helps flush out toxins from your body, along with keeping your skin well-hydrated.


Serums – The Revolutionaries

Just like The Beatles revolutionised the music scene in its entirety, serums can be called revolutionaries of the skincare regime. No matter what the problem, serums will provide a viable solution to it.

They are specially designed to seep into the deepest levels of your skin and rejuvenate, revive, and renew. A serum a day does keep dull skin away.

Read More: The Complete Facial Serum Guide

P.S: Make sure you purchase a serum that's just right for you. If you're confused, we're here to help you out. Furthermore, if your skin is confused (if you have combination skin), we can provide you with a serum curated just for you.

After all, if your body is unique, so should be the solution.


The Omnipresent – The Sun

You might think that sun-related problems need not be worried about on a rainy day. We hate breaking bubbles, but we simply ought to. Truth is, the sun is never not there. It might look like you can brush aside your sunscreen for a day, but please don't. As a rule of thumb, always cover your skin with sunscreen.

There are other precautions you can take to prevent harm from the sun, but nothing does the job as sunscreen does.

P.S: To find out what sunscreen is right for you, look for an SPF guide online.


DIY Masks

There's nothing like a face mask prepared within the constraints of your homes. You'd be surprised to know of the skin-benefiting properties that most ingredients in your kitchen hold. The next time you go to the grocery store, bring back things you'd want to apply, in addition to things you'd want to eat.

Gram flour, yogurt, milk, honey, and turmeric are stepping stones to fixing dull skin. If you want to make this fun, try experimenting with different concoctions and combinations until you find the magic potion – that which does magic to your skin.


Sweat it Out

Putting on your jogging shoes or packing your gym bag can seem like a lot when you could be binging on Netflix, or hogging on cheesy tacos instead. However, trust us when we say this - your skin loves it when you work out. It lets go of all those toxins and dirt that have been sitting in your skin since forever.

After you're done sweating out, make sure you wash your face well. You do not want to have the toxins linger around on your skin.


Less is More

Skin problems lead to excessive use of skincare leads to skin problems lead to…

Do you see how dangerous this vicious cycle is? Overdoing your skincare is just like consuming alcohol when stressed out. It might seem like a temporary solution, but in the long run, it will only throw you under the bus.

Believe in less is more. Stick to a limited set of skincare that you know are well-suited for your skin. If your thoughts are muddled when it comes to knowing your skin, ask for help.

Our free skin assessment will help you understand your skin and what it needs better!




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