In the 21st century, we frequently come across terms like ‘clean’, ‘natural’, ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’, non-toxic’, ‘non-synthetic’, and so on. These buzzwords can often leave us confused and even perplexed. Moreover, these words are often used interchangeably, muddying the waters even more. So, behold, folks! We’re here to clear any misunderstandings once and for all – no more buying skincare you think is safe and effective.

Natural Skincare

While some use the terms interchangeably, many think clean and natural are like the north and south pole. Today, we’re here to tell you what they really mean.

A natural brand or product is one that sources all of its ingredients from nature – think natural salts and extracts, aloe vera, botanical oils, butter, etc. When consumers are on the lookout for natural skincare, they’re ideally looking for pure, unadulterated and non-synthetic products. Note: Using just one natural ingredient does not make the brand/product all-natural.

Clean Skincare

You must have heard of natural beauty before, but what is clean beauty? That sounds new, doesn’t it? Clean entails anything that is non-toxic, tested, regulated, and safe to use. Clean products could either be made from natural ingredients or synthetic (devised in the laboratories) ones. Furthermore, while sustainable and eco-friendly could be an added characteristic, this is not a pre-requisite for products to be clean.

Natural Doesn’t Always Mean Better…

It’s common to assume that products devoid of chemicals make for the safest options. Brands often claim that they’re all-natural and thus, the best ones out there. However, even natural ingredients can be potent or simply too strong for our skin. Think allergies – to peanuts, dust or pollen. Pretty much the same principle applies to skincare.

Take mineral oil, for example. Although this natural component is used in a number of skincare products and cosmetics, its efficacy is widely contested by skincare experts. Many claim that mineral oil clogs the pores, thus suffocating the skin.

The Environmental Claims of Natural Products

If you’re someone that picks natural products from an eco-friendly stance, think twice before making a purchase. What are these natural ingredients? Where are they sourced from? While a lot of them really are ecologically sound, this is not true of them all.

Think palm oil. Palm oil plantations often require the clearing of vast areas of tropical rain forests. This leads to deforestation, extinction of orangutans, and so on. In a nutshell, do not blindly plump for natural products.

The Benefits of Clean Beauty

We all need products that are safe, toxin-free, and effective. Toxic ingredients have been linked with irritation, redness, breakouts, and other serious health problems for a while now. This would simply be counter-effective for your skin. Going clean doesn’t necessarily mean going natural. Furthermore, going synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean treading on the wrong path.

Always remember that what you apply on your skin, isn’t made to stay there. It’s absorbed into your skin, and it would be ideal for such products to be backed by science. Clean beauty gives you just that. We at Yours, utilise a host of clean skincare ingredients to curate personalised products suited for your skin.

How to Pick Clean Products

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut formula, no guide, and no cheat codes for seamlessly locating clean products at the supermarkets. Embark on a mission to avoid harmful skincare ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, sodium, triclosan, petrolatum, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), and synthetic fragrances. Furthermore, over time, try settling down on a brand that aligns with your principles, morals, and needs.

Clean products that are also natural, may seem to be the best pick of all. But unfortunately, these are often quite heavy on the pocket. Ultimately, choices depend on the principles you choose to abide by, and of course, your skin’s needs. Is an all-natural skincare regime paramount to you, or one that’s tested and safe? Are you willing to shell out more bucks to extract more benefits from your skincare? If you’re a nature lover, are you really sure of the environmental impacts of natural?

If you want to do away with all this pressure, how about trying us? Our free skin assessment will get you started on the clean and natural path. Furthermore, it will account for your skin type, lifestyle and environmental factors too!

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